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Please do not order whole/half pigs here as availabilty changes daily. If you are interested in purchasing a whole/half Berkshire pig we ask that you contact us at, send a message through Facebook or call 828-389-8758 to discuss your needs.   


Whole Bershire pigs are best for their cuts of meat. Buy one to feed your family throughout the year or share your cuts with a neighbor or friend. Berkshire whole pigs take a year from birth to get to weight which is between 250-300 pounds. After processing the cuts add up to around 175lbs. Pricing is $3.50lb per pound of hanging weight for whole pigs and $4.00lb per pound of hanging weight for half pigs. Our prices include butcher services which consists of the kill fee and processing with Blalock’s Meat out of Georgia. Pick-up is available at our farm store or we can deliver for an additional $40.



Whole Berkshire


    Pickup is free and is located at our farm store:
    2267 Fires Creek Rd. Hayesville, North Carolina 

    Delivery is an additional $40.00 and you can select this addition at checkout.

  • Our processor is Blalock’s Meat Processing, a family owned, local, USDA Certified processor located at 193 Ponderosa Rd, Rabun Gap, GA 30568.

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