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At Still Waters Landing we trust that encountering, engaging and enjoying God, creation, good food and other people brings the significance and satisfaction so deeply desired my many.


Still Waters Landing (SWL) began in 2015 when founders, Keith and Kathy Gibby made their family farm available for an innovative food-and-faith-based ministry to serve our local community in the beautiful mountains of Hayesville/Clay County, Western North Carolina. What began with two sows in a hillside dugout, has turned into a beautifully manicured farm along the Hiwassee River with over 30 Berkshire and Berkshire Duroc pigs.


SWL specializes in pasture-raised pork with humane treatment and environmentally sound practices. Our farm raises Berkshire pigs, an excellent choice for farmers who want to raise heritage livestock well-known for its quality and taste.

We also offer fresh eggs from our free-range chickens. In 2019, we hired a farm manager which allows us to offer seasonal vegetables, herbs and sesonal flowers. We believe in giving back and provide at least 10% of our sales back in food to the local food bank, as well as, host our annual Pig Pickin', a free community event. We are proud to serve communities within a 50-mile radius of Hayesville and look forward to extending our reach as we grow.

River Chickens.jpg

Currently, SWL operates under the auspices of Hickory Stand United Methodist Church, who serves as our fiscal sponsor and supporter, lending space to meet along with a huge network of church family, including partner and advocate, Pastor Bryan Wilson. Bryan serves as the Executive Director, applying for grants and managing various projects along with partner relations. SWL is guided by the values and faith of it's founders, Kathy and Keith Gibby, who have invested their heart and soul into this project and are always around taking care of business on and off the farm. Kathy in particular keeps track of all the books and record keeping along with all the amazing photos you see on Facebook and this website. And Andrew, our newest addition, our farm manager. He's already developed a new section of the farm giving us the ability to offer new products.

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Pastor Bryan Wilson


Keith Gibby


Kathy Gibby


Andrew Jones

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