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Hands in the Soil


We happily accept monetary donations of any amount.


We use funds we receive to help improve and expand our outreach and education.

Your contributions also increase our labor force to grow more food and have more to generously provide to food pantries and other partner organizations.


Likewise, volunteer labor helps us with our mission. Check out our volunteer page for more information.


Purchase our produce and pork. The more you buy, the more, we can give back.



The Still Place helps us with our mission of connecting families with farms. They host families with chronically ill children for an opportunity for respite, while we provide those families, who have often never been to a farm, with a memorable experience. Those visitors then get to pick their own produce to cook that evening back at The Still Place.

Our local breweries donate spent grain to feed our pigs, thereby closing the loop. What would otherwise go into the waste stream sustains our pigs, and the economy, because they also serve our pork in their restaurants. Thank you Hiawassee Brew and more (below).

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Make a donation today.

Checks can be sent to


Still Waters Landing

2267 Fires Creek Rd.

Hayesville, NC 28904

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